October 13, 2023

Cardano Leads the Blockchain Development Race, Backed by Data

Recent findings from blockchain analytics firm Santiment highlight Cardano as the leader in development activity among various blockchains. Charles Hoskinson's Cardano is making consistent strides in innovations poised to reshape the blockchain landscape.

Santiment, a blockchain analytics firm, has shared compelling data on X (formerly Twitter), indicating that Cardano is setting the pace in development activity. Cardano's blockchain network has accumulated an impressive 611.47 noteworthy GitHub commits over the past 30 days, securing the top spot in this category.

Following closely are Polkadot and Kusama Network in second and third positions, each with 500.67 GitHub commits. Surprisingly, Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, ranks tenth with 288.67 commits.

Cardano has been actively enhancing its functionality and products through its development initiatives. In a recent weekly development report from Essential Cardano, it was revealed that the Cardano team was diligently working on updates for the Lace Wallet.

The updates swiftly materialized, as on October 10, Lace introduced the Lace 1.6 version on X. This update brought notable improvements, including a more user-friendly interface (UI) and the ability for users to customize their multitasking ratios by percentage.

Cardano is currently in its Basho Era, the fourth phase of development, with a primary focus on scaling and interoperability. To achieve these goals, Cardano's Hydra team, dedicated to this phase, has implemented changes in the network layer and outlined essential design adjustments in an initial draft document.

In parallel, the Mithril team has been actively optimizing and addressing bugs to enhance the network's overall user experience.

Cardano is gearing up for its fifth and final development stage, named Voltaire, which will primarily revolve around network governance. As part of these preparations, the Cardano team recently finalized the implementation of SanchoNet, marking the completion of the second phase of its roadmap.

SanchoNet serves as the testnet that Cardano will utilize to introduce governance features to the blockchain. Upon completion, online delegate representatives (DReps) registration, delegation, and voting will commence on SanchoNet.

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