November 21, 2023

Binance Settles with U.S. Government

Binance, the global crypto behemoth, and its founder, Changpeng "CZ" Zhao, have settled with the U.S. government, agreeing to pay a monumental $4.3 billion in fines.

In a landmark development in the cryptocurrency world, Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, and its founder, Changpeng "CZ" Zhao, have settled with the U.S. government, agreeing to pay a staggering $4.3 billion in fines. The settlement follows months, if not years, of investigations by various U.S. government agencies, culminating in indictments filed in Washington state on November 14, with documents unsealed on November 21.

The Unraveling of Binance's Borderless Myth

Binance, once hailed as a borderless crypto company, has been brought to heel by the long arm of U.S. regulatory authorities. Despite not being a U.S. exchange, Binance and CZ admitted to violating U.S. laws concerning money laundering and terror financing, shattering the myth of "borderless" crypto companies. This marks a significant shift in the landscape, signaling that even in the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies, companies must operate within legal and geographical boundaries.

CZ Steps Down: End of an Era

Changpeng Zhao, who has led Binance since its inception in 2017, has stepped down as part of the settlement. Despite the challenges faced by the company, CZ expressed confidence in the newly appointed CEO, Richard Teng, to guide Binance through its next phase of growth. Teng, a seasoned leader with over three decades of experience in financial services and regulatory matters, will be tasked with maintaining Binance's global leadership while adhering to the highest regulatory compliance standards.

The U.S. Government's Perspective

The U.S. government, in a press release by the Office of Public Affairs of the Department of Justice, highlighted Binance's guilt in violating the Bank Secrecy Act, failure to register as a money transmitting business, and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland emphasized that the hefty penalties imposed on Binance serve as a deterrent, sending a clear message that using technology to break the law does not make one a disruptor but a criminal.

CZ's Future and Public Sentiment

Following the settlement, CZ will remain involved with Binance as a shareholder and consultant, offering guidance and support to the new leadership. He plans to take a break and explore new endeavors, including passive investing and mentorship. Despite the legal troubles, CZ is hailed by many in the crypto community as a legend and hero, with sentiments of gratitude for his dedication to the industry.

Binance vs. Other Corporate Fines

The crypto community compares Binance's fines to those imposed on traditional corporations. Some argue that Binance's infractions, related to licensing and anti-money laundering, pale in comparison to fines imposed on corporations for environmental destruction, economic crimes, and privacy violations. Critics question whether the government is truly safeguarding the public interest or merely seeking its share.

CZ's Plea and the Regulatory Landscape

Amidst the controversy, it's crucial to note that CZ pleaded guilty to violating anti-money laundering requirements, not to laundering money itself. Many argue that during Binance's early days in 2017, compliance with regulatory frameworks was challenging as the cryptocurrency industry lacked clear regulations. The debate over whether companies should be held accountable for regulatory shortcomings in their formative years is a point of contention.


The settlement between Binance and the U.S. government marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the cryptocurrency industry. As the crypto community reflects on CZ's legacy and the future of Binance under new leadership, questions about the role of governments in regulating this decentralized space persist. The case serves as a reminder that, while crypto itself may be borderless, companies operating within the space must navigate a complex web of legal and regulatory boundaries.

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