November 26, 2023

Easy Crypto Introduces NZDD Stablecoin and Multi-Crypto Wallet in New Zealand

Easy Crypto, in collaboration with Labrys, unveils NZDD, a stablecoin tied to the New Zealand dollar, regulated by the Financial Markets Authority. Initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain, NZDD sets the stage for future expansions.

In a momentous stride for New Zealand's cryptocurrency landscape, Easy Crypto, in partnership with Labrys, has revealed NZDD, a groundbreaking stablecoin anchored to the New Zealand dollar. This development signifies a significant leap toward merging conventional finance with digital currency within the region.

NZDD aims to blend the stability and trustworthiness of the New Zealand dollar with the cutting-edge capabilities of blockchain technology. Governed by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority, NZDD provides a reliable option for those venturing into the realm of digital currencies. Initially debuting on the Ethereum blockchain, there are strategic plans for its extension to other platforms such as Polygon and Arbitrum.

A Unified Solution for Cryptocurrency Management

Alongside the introduction of NZDD, Easy Crypto has also unveiled a versatile multicurrency self-custody wallet. Engineered to simplify the handling of digital assets, this wallet offers users the convenience of consolidating various cryptocurrencies in one secure location. Boasting unlimited sub-wallets and compatibility with multiple blockchains, it enhances the user experience by supporting a diverse array of coins.

Janine Grainger, Co-founder and CEO of Easy Crypto, underscores the wallet's user-friendly design and robust security features. Incorporating cutting-edge security measures like multi-party computation (MPC) for key recovery, the wallet facilitates the import and management of multiple accounts, streamlining transactions involving over 50 popular cryptocurrencies.

Addressing Challenges for Cryptocurrency Adoption

The introduction of NZDD and the innovative wallet is a response to the challenges encountered by potential cryptocurrency users in New Zealand. With only 10% of the population currently holding crypto assets, the predominant obstacles are volatility and complexity. NZDD aims to alleviate these concerns by providing a stable and user-friendly entry point into the realm of digital finance.

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