December 20, 2023

Do Kwon Secures Victory in Extradition Appeal, Delaying Legal Proceedings

Do Kwon of Terraform Labs has made a notable legal breakthrough by successfully appealing the High Court's extradition order. This temporarily impedes the joint extradition efforts by the United States and South Korea.

Following the collapse of Terra Luna, its founder, Do Kwon, found himself on the run before being apprehended in Montenegro on charges related to document forgery.

Despite the High Court of Podgorica officially approving Kwon's extradition on November 24, 2023, the Terra founder swiftly filed an appeal in an attempt to prolong his legal process and potentially alter his fate.

In a positive development for Kwon, the Montenegro appeal court has accepted his appeal.

On Tuesday, December 19, the Appellate Court of Montenegro overturned the earlier approval granted by the High Court for Kwon's extradition.

The court's decision to nullify the approval is based on Kwon's defense argument, asserting that the initial ruling lacked clarity on the factors leading to the decision. As a result, the case will be remanded for a renewed examination and decision.

According to the court, while the investigative judge had heard Kwon's response to the South Korean request, a similar hearing for the U.S. request had not taken place.

“The High Court acted contrary to Article 16 paragraph 8 of the Law on International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, which stipulates that the investigating judge will inform the person whose extradition is requested, upon establishing his identity, without delay, for what reason and on the basis of which evidence is requested his extradition and invite him to present his defense.”

The approval of Kwon's appeal grants him an extension as he continues to evade the impending fate awaiting him in both his homeland and the United States, where he faces multiple charges of market law violations and customer defrauding.

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