February 26, 2024

Brave Browser Integrates Solana for BAT Rewards Despite Blockchain Outages

Brave Browser opts for Solana to facilitate self-custody BAT payouts, citing the blockchain's rapid transaction processing and minimal fees as driving factors.

Brave Browser has unveiled its latest innovation: the introduction of self-custody Basic Attention Token (BAT) payouts, leveraging the capabilities of the Solana blockchain.

Despite recent network disruptions experienced by Solana, Brave has chosen to forge ahead with this partnership, citing Solana's impressive transaction speeds and economical fees as pivotal reasons behind its decision.

The initial rollout of this feature will commence on an invite-only basis, enabling a select cohort of users to seamlessly receive BAT rewards earned through Brave Rewards directly into their self-custody wallet addresses on the Solana network.

A Brave spokesperson elucidated:

"We are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking feature, empowering users to link their Solana wallet to Brave Rewards, thereby asserting ownership of their designated address."

The integration with Solana represents a significant stride towards a more user-centric internet paradigm, offering a frictionless avenue for users to accrue and transact with BAT tokens. Solana's efficient on-chain distribution mechanism, facilitated by its low-cost transactions, surmounts prevalent obstacles encountered within the realm of web3.

Nevertheless, Solana's recent network disruptions loom over this milestone achievement. Despite its reputation for expeditious transaction processing, Solana has grappled with intermittent instances of blockchain outages, with the most recent occurrence transpiring on February 6th.

A Messari report from 2023 shed light on some of Solana's most significant downtimes and the duration required to rectify them. The report highlighted:

"Solana’s downtime issues historically have to do with software bugs or spam."

Despite these intermittent technical challenges, Brave's decision to embrace Solana underscores its unwavering dedication to furnishing users with a swift and cost-effective platform for conducting BAT transactions.

In essence, this strategic collaboration marks a pivotal stride towards seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency incentives into everyday web browsing activities, laying the groundwork for a more decentralized and user-centric internet ecosystem.

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