February 7, 2024

Solana Endures 11th Outage Within 2 Years

The Layer 1 network Solana restarted after five hours of going dark.

The Solana blockchain network recently faced a five-hour downtime early on a Tuesday afternoon before resuming operations. According to the Solana team, block production on the mainnet recommenced at 14:57 UTC after a successful upgrade to v1.17.20 and a cluster restart by validator operators. This outage, which began around 09:53 UTC, marks the eleventh instance of network disruption within the past two years and stands as the fifth longest in its history.

To address the issue, Solana's engineering team swiftly prepared a new validator software release containing a patch to rectify the problem. Validator operators were promptly advised to upgrade and restart the network to mitigate further disruptions.

This latest downtime adds to a series of intermittent outages that have occurred on the Solana network, prompting concerns among users and investors regarding its reliability.

The timing of this incident coincides with renewed optimism surrounding the Solana network following the fall of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, a significant supporter of the ecosystem. Despite this setback, Solana's core contributors are diligently working on a root cause report, which they plan to release once completed.

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