March 15, 2024

Ubisoft Joins XPLA Ecosystem as Blockchain Validator, Pioneering Gaming Industry Integration

Ubisoft, the renowned gaming giant, announces its role as a node validator within the XPLA ecosystem, signaling a significant step into blockchain technology exploration.

In a recent development, Ubisoft has revealed its strategic move to become a node validator in the XPLA ecosystem, reflecting its commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies. This initiative falls under Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab, dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends and seizing opportunities presented by emerging technologies.

XPLA, a Tendermint-based layer 1 blockchain platform, serves as a digital media content hub, embodying the ethos of "Explore and Play" within its framework.

The partnership between Ubisoft and XPLA holds particular promise for the gaming sector. By participating as a validator, Ubisoft is poised to bring synergies to the validation process while actively engaging in governance decisions to fortify the XPLA network.

Utilizing Ubisoft's profound expertise in game development, this collaboration is anticipated to be a milestone in the evolution of blockchain networks and the proliferation of Web3 gaming experiences.

Paul Kim, leading the XPLA team, expressed excitement about Ubisoft's integration, underscoring the shared objective of fostering transparency and trust within the Web3 ecosystem. Kim emphasized the partnership's aim to deliver captivating gaming experiences to a global audience:

"We are thrilled to welcome Ubisoft as an XPLA validator. Together, we will cooperate to create a more transparent and trustworthy Web3 ecosystem, striving to provide an attractive gaming experience to players worldwide."

Moreover, the protocol's development team is optimistic about the ecosystem's expansion, particularly in gaming and Explore-to-Exchange (X2E) services.

With an impressive array of titles already within the ecosystem, including collaborations like The Walking Dead: All-Stars, Summoners War: Chronicles, MiniGame Party, and Ace Fishing: Crew, alongside the debut of the pioneering cross-chain game, Idle Ninja Online, XPLA is already making waves.

However, Ubisoft's inclusion as a validator marks a significant leap forward. The ecosystem anticipates the involvement of more validators, enhancing network security and stability in the process.

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